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Plaxis 3D




Plaxis 3D  is a finite element package intended for the three-dimensional deformation analysis of foundation structures.


Foundations form the interaction between an upper structure and the soil. Settlements depend on local soil conditions and on the construction method. Especially for pile-raft foundations there is an important interplay between the pile, the raft and the soil to support the forces from the upper structure. In this interplay deformations are a key factor. Such a situation can only be analyzed effectively by means of three-dimensional finite element calculations in which proper models are incorporated to simulate soil behavior and soil-structure interaction.

Plaxis 3D Foundation offers these facilities. A brief summary of important features of the program can be found on the '3D Features' page.

3D  (Commercial) 1st License Extra Licenses
Flexible $23,000 $20,000
Standalone $31,000 $15,000
VIP (Annual fee) $3,600 $2,150

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